FAQ’s About Fescue Sod


Q. What kind of grass do I need?
A. It depends.  Fescue is typically the preferred turf from Raleigh North and West. It is lush and green all year unlike bermuda, zoysia, . It is also the best choice for shady areas. For durabilty, drought tolerant bermuda is the way to go.  For a balance of drought tolerance with low maintenance, zoysia is the best bet.  

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Q. Where are you located?
A. Carver Bros Turf is headquartered at 118 Carver Brothers Dr in Roxboro, NC


Q. What types of payment do you accept?
A. We accept cash, check, or major credit cards.


Q. When is the best time to install sod?
A. Unlike seeding, fescue turf installation can be done anytime of year. However, early-autumn through spring are the best times for fescue. Temperatures above 85* require special attention and homeowner installation is not recommended. Winter is also a good time to install fescue turf as long as the ground is not frozen.  The opposite is true with the warm season grasses,  summer is ideal.  

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Q. How long can sod sit on the pallet before installing and watering?
A. There is no easy answer to this one. Typically, it is best to have the sod installed and watered within 12 hours of harvest. During very hot weather, you may have as little as 6 hours before the turf begins decomposing. In the winter you may have up to 2 days.


Q What do I need to do before I install my turf?
A. First, till the area to a depth of 4-6″. Rake out any old vegetation or rocks and level the area. You may firm the area with a roller before installation, but it is not required. A complete installation guide can be found here.


Q. I want to have turf installed but I’m not sure who to call?
A. Call us at 336-592-0547 to purchase turf and we can recommend an approved landscaper for your area.


Q. How far ahead do I need to call to place an order?
A. The sooner the better, however most of the time we can have your order delivered within three business days. If you prefer to pick up your order, we can usually harvest daily (weather dependent).


Q. How much does a pallet of grass weigh? Do I need a truck or trailer?
A. A pallet of sod typically weighs 2000 lbs. Full size pickups and/or trailers will be needed to haul 1 or more pallets. Compact pickups can handle around half a pallet.


Q. How much should I water?
A. Call us with your site details and we will be glad to assist you. Newly installed turf will require at least 0.5” per day for a few weeks. Once the turf roots into its new site, less water will be required.


Q. Why is sod better than seeding?
A. Sod installation has many benefits over seeding, here are just a few. Sod can be installed year round versus a short window for seeding. Installing turf eliminates the chance of contaminants such as weed seed, prevents erosion, eliminates the chance of heavy rains washing away seeds, reduces risk of mud being tracked into your home and it just looks great. Remember, life’s short so sod it!