Bermuda Sod

Tifway 419 Bermuda Sod is an exceptional choice for durability.  This fine bladed turf makes a superbly drought, heat, and wear tolerant lawn that is virtually bulletproof when established and given full sun.  It very quickly recovers from any stress which is why this is one of the most popular grasses in NC and VA.
Bermuda is a warm season grass, meaning it is dormant in winter, but thrives in hot summers.
We also carry Bermuda Sod over-seeded with annual rye-grass for winter installation where instant green along with instant rooting is desired.  This does slow the green-up of Bermuda in spring as the rye-grass dies out.  It  increases the handling quality of the turf when jobs need to be completed outside of the growing season.
Are you a professional landscaper or contractor?
Call us at 336-592-0547 with your company information for the best wholesale Bermuda sod prices.  We have contractor discounts on any amount, and additional discounts for quantities over 5000 sq ft.
Are you a homeowner that is working on an outdoor project?
Our Bermuda Sod price is $200 per 450 sq ft pallet.  We offer 10% off all orders over 5000 sq ft.
Our delivery fee is $300 for our core area from north Raleigh west to Greensboro. 
Do not settle for sod from a warehouse store or farmers market that is shipped in from an out of state farm.  It begins decomposing, making establishment spotty at best.  Sod is to be installed and watered within 12 hours of harvest.  Our sod is harvested fresh every morning, and then immediately delivered or available for pick up by 8am.  With Carver Bros, your sod is only  a few hours old from the time we cut it to the time we drop it off at your home.

Our turf is sold by the square yard in small rolls on pallets that contain 450 sq ft.  Weather permitting, we custom harvest our sod fresh daily Monday through Saturday.  Carver Bros Turf delivers larger sod orders (>300 yards) upon request.  Smaller sod orders are welcome but must be picked up at the farm in Roxboro, North Carolina.

Call us at 336-592-0547 a couple of days in advance to order!
Harvest begins June 1, 2020