Leading source of Fescue Sod in North Carolina!

Our sod farm offers the best turf type tall fescue on the market.  Our Pennington Signature series fescue sod is a superior dark green blend that thrives in our area.  Our sod includes the latest varieties bred for increased drought tolerance and disease resistance in the transition zone of NC.

It used to be that people in the “transition zone” had to compromise between a warm season lawn that was dormant and brown most of the year or a cool season lawn that struggled all summer long. Fescue is green all year unlike zoysia, bermuda, or centipede.  Breakthroughs in plant breeding have made fescue much more heat and drought tolerant than fescues from just 10 years ago.  Any fine turf will require water occasionally, but fescue can now hold its own against the warm season options available.  You no longer need to suffer with a dormant warm season lawn most of the year.

Do not settle for sod from a warehouse store or farmers market that has been shipped in from an out of state farm.

It has already began decomposing, making establishment spotty at best.  Sod should be installed and watered within 12 hours of harvest.  Our sod is harvested fresh every morning, and then immediately delivered or available for pick up by 7am.  With Carver Bros, your sod will be only be a few hours old from the time we cut it to the time we drop it off at your home.

Our turf is sold by the square yard in small rolls, 16″ x 81″.  Weather permitting, we custom harvest our sod fresh daily Monday through Saturday.  Carver Bros Turf can deliver larger sod orders (>300 yards) upon request.  Smaller sod orders are welcome but must be picked up at the farm in Roxboro.