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Turf Varieties

          Black Beauty Fescue by Jonathan Green

Black Beauty™ contains three exceptionally dark-green, turf-type tall fescues. People around the country have planted thousands of acres for increased drought tolerance and disease resistance. Seed mixture contains 50% Black Magic, 25% Taos and 25% Tombstone turf-type tall fescue.  Fescue tolerates more shade than other turf types and it's beauty is unmatched with proper care.  Black beauty can be installed year round, but extra care is required for installation during hot weather.  The fall through mid-spring is the best time of year to install fescue sod.

Current Fescue Sod Status:  Fescue sod is SOLD OUT until April 2015.  Call (336) 592-0547 to place an order.

2014 Pricing for Fescue Sod

All sod needs to be ordered at least 24 hours before pick up.  For orders requiring delivery, a three day lead time is typical but it varies seasonally.  Payment can be made by cash, check, or credit card at time of pickup or delivery. 

Call 336-592-0547 to place an order or for a quote.


Are you a professional landscaper or contractor?

Call us with your company information for the best pricing in NC.


Would you like to pick up a few pallets for a smaller area? 

Buy sod by 50 yard pallet (450 sq ft)
$140.00 per pallet
Delivery is available for orders over 6 pallets.

I want to replace the entire lawn!!! 

Buy sod by the truck load!   10-18 pallets (4500-8100 sq ft)
         $125 per pallet+delivery
You may also return the pallets for refund of $5 each!

Only need to pick up a few rolls for some patch work?
Buy sod by the square yard (9 sq ft).                                                                    $5.00 each

Carver Brothers Turf can deliver your order (6 pallet minimum) to your home address, business, or landscaping locale. We are always on time and will let you know exactly what time we will arrive. No window limits as with other companies who deliver. 

Delivery to the triangle or the triad typically costs between $250-$325 depending on mileage.  This includes pallet placement with an off-road forklift.  Call for a quote.

Pick up
Smaller orders are welcome at Carver Bros Turf.   We will load your order when you arrive and answer any questions you may have. A full-size truck or a trailer will be needed to haul 1 pallet or more (2000+ lbs).  Click here for driving directions.

Call us now at 336-592-0547
"Life's short...sod it"
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